Remote lessons!


Anyone can learn accordion, and any accordion player can improve. It's not only how much you practice that matters, it's how you practice that leads to the most improvement.

I give lessons in my students' homes as well as at my home in San Leandro.

I have been playing accordion for over 20 years and teaching lessons for nearly as long.

See my Accordion website for more information.


I received my B.A. in Piano from University of California at Santa Cruz in 1992. My specialties are Classical and Blues.

I teach:

  • Beginning to Intermediate
  • All Ages
  • Keyboards, Synthesizers
  • MIDI, using keyboards with your computer

Jumbled Music Clefs and NotesMusic Theory

The essentials of how music works is often passed over. But it's so important to understand what's happening in music, and the basics are pretty straighforward.

Computer Screen with Musical NotesDigital Sound and Recording

I teach all the essentials of sound, acoustics, audio recording, and digital sound editing. Learn how strings and air vibrate, how soundwaves create tone and pitch. Learn about microphone types and microphone placement.

Learn Logic Pro, Finale, RX, Kontakt, and others.

All without math, because I don't know the math!

Music TeacherMusic-Related Subjects

History, Genre, Temperament, etc.

Old Style Macintosh ComputerMacintosh Computer and Software

Apple: Resistance is futile!

Since we have no choice but to use Apple products, we may as well make the best of it. I can help you find better ways of using your Mac. Turn your Mac into a time-saver instead of a time-suck.

I can help with your iOS devices as well, including integrating them with your Mac.